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Salem Polymer

Keep Wash - Circle Sock Clips For Washing Machine, Dryer, And Drawer - Color: Orange

Keep Wash - Circle Sock Clips For Washing Machine, Dryer, And Drawer - Color: Orange

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Socks just want to mate for life but the washing machine causes them strife.
The Keep Wash will keep them together, so they're paired up, forever and ever!
Incredibly soft, cozy, and in colors you'll love. Don't be surprised if our Keep Wash becomes your new favorite.

Keep Wash isn't just for socks, you can use them for underwear, headbands & delicates as well.


  • Paired socks or underwear in a washing machine, dryer, drawer, and even luggage
  • Soft, flexible, and safe in washing and dryer machines
  • Different colors and sizes for all family members
  • Easy hanging with KEEP WASH

When you remove socks from your feet, immediately place the dirty pair between 2 sliders on the KEEP WASH circle, and adjust the top slider down to socks.

FUN FOR KIDS of all ages

  • Improves fine motor skills
  • Teaches independence & responsibility


  • Each KEEP WASH circle holds 1 or 2 pairs of socks
  • Works with any size of socks (baby - adult)
  • Works with many other items such as underwear, headbands & delicates
  • Color for each member of the family
  • No moving parts or sharp edges
  • Compact and lightweight product
  • Engineering plastics materials, soft and durable
  • 6 Different colors; Red / Blue / Pink / Orange / Green / Yellow
  • Each box includes 10 Keep Wash (5 small and 5 large in the same color)


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